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We have all your chainsaw, generators and equipment needs to help clean up your storm damage.

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If there is clean up that needs to be done, we’ve got all the equipment you need for the job! Skid Steers with Tracks or Wheels with Buckets and Grapples you’ll be able to tackle any storm clean up. Most importantly friends, stay safe. If it’s a RENTAL you need, we’ve got that too!


No Till Seed Drill- 1006NT821575 Land Pride

Special Features

Land Pride’s 706NT and 1006NT End Wheel No-Till Drills are the perfect balance between versatility and productivity. These units are ideal for seeding in a wide variety of applications from pasture renovation to utility reclamation or food plots to food production. They are a great combination between the productivity of a large drill and the versatility of a compact one. Both End Wheel Drill models feature large end wheels designed for unmatched ground gauging in rugged terrain. In addition, the in-line end wheels minimize side loading on contours and hills, dramatically extending the life of the no-till openers. Our 706NT comes standard with a 17-bushel main seed box, the 1006NT is 25-bushel. You can also add a small seeds box and either a native grass box or a fertilizer box. These drills also include a 6-position hitch that adjusts to your tractor’s hitch height to keep the drill level in planting position. Furthermore, with its high clearance and end wheel design, the 706NT and 1006NT can go virtually anywhere your tractor can pull it, without gouging or bottoming out. Additionally, our 706NT and 1006NT use Great Plains fluted seed cups to deliver outstanding accuracy. Whether the seed is small, large, or fragile, this time-proven metering system will deliver the rate you choose, evenly and gently.

Special Pricing

Sale Price $34,500

MSRP $38,999

Kubota L2501, L3301, L3901, L4701 $500 Off through 12/31/17

Special Features

All Kubota L2501, L3301, L3901, L4701 tractors are eligible for $500 off until 12/31/17Call or Visit one of our 8 locations for pricing details.Click here to view our Tractor Package Prices!!!!

Special Pricing

$500 Off- Valid till 12/31/17

M7 Tractors 128-168 HP

Special Features

M7-131 Premium Meet Kubota’s most powerful tractor yet, the all-new M7 Series. Packed with a 128 HP Tier 4 Final engine, the M7-131 has what it takes to tackle commercial livestock, row-crop production and more. Enjoy high levels of speed control with a 24-Speed Powershift transmission and optional creeper. Plus, get big time versatility with a multitasking hydraulic system including a 4-speed live-independent PTO. But that’s not all — with so many new features, you’ll have to see it to believe it.M7-151 Standard, Premium, Premium KVT Equipped with Kubota’s biggest features and greatest performance, this 148 HP machine with powerful transmission is ready to get to work on your land. Kubota’s customizable Headland Management System makes headland turning easier and more responsive while an ISO-BUS monitor/controller and GPS/auto guidance system contribute to greater working precision. Plus, an ergonomic workstation engineered with instantly accessible levers and information centers make for a comfortable days work from the M7’s wide cabin with virtually unobstructed views.M7-171 Standard, Premium, Premium KVT Kubota’s largest ag tractor is here, packed with 168 HP of cleaner-running Tier 4 Final performance, a proven Kubota Variable Transmission. Full of innovative features like Kubota’s Headland Management System, ISO-BUS monitor/controller, GPS/auto guidance system and a multitasking hydraulic system with 4-speed live independent PTO, the M7-171 is ideal for hay and forage applications, livestock operations, row-crop production and more.View More M7 Info

Grapple Sale- SGM1566 and SGM1578

Special Features

SGM1566- 66″ wideSGM1578- 78″ wideGrapple Info- Click Here

Special Pricing

SGM1566- $1899.00

SGM1578- $1999.00

2″ Lift Kit for the Kubota RTV-X Series

Special Features

Our new four corner lift will raise your Kubota RTV X Series 2″ giving you ample room for larger tires. Additional benefits include a beefier appearance and improved ground clearance. This kit includes all the hardware and parts necessary for installation.Fits: Kubota RTV-X900, X1100, X1120, X1140

Special Pricing

Lift Kit: $200

Installed: $350