Customer Testimonials

Thank you for being there for us.   Bud Wuest


Kubota is a good product. Randall has always been a great salesman too. It is reasonably priced for a good quality product. Blake Bertling Bertling Rentals


Clayton Lee in Seguin is a pleasure to do business with.  I only trade with Ewald and Clayton.    Gary Kelly,  Belmont


John, I sincerely believe that Brian leads the best team of Kubota and Scag mechanics in South Texas.
Bill Truxaw,  Truxaw Rentals


The technician was extremely polite and courteous and his professionalism was a bright spot in my day.  Thank you Kubota and Ewald Tractor.    Jo Sosa


Ewald provided service on my L3200 at my home and showed up at the scheduled time and provided prompt and courteous service.    Seguin


I love my Kubota tractor.  I am always impressed and occasionally amazed at all it can do.    Seguin


The gentleman that serviced my tractor was very informative.  Any question I had he was able to answer promptly.  This assured me that I was getting quality service.    Seguin


Randall, The mower is absolutely the best.  We have received several compliments on its appearance and its performance.  I’ve mowed our 6+ acres twice since we got it, and the place looks like a park.  Takes me about 4 hours to cut the entire thing, as opposed to 3 days @ 2-3 hours a day on the tractor, and I can walk and move after doing so.  Thanks again for everything.         David & Ruth Rea


I commend Ewald tractor on my buying experience. Tractors aren’t cheap, but spending the money with a company that treats you so well is a pleasure. I want to tell you how especially impressed I am with Ben. He arrived on time with my new tractor and took the time to thoroughly explain its operation to me and make sure that I knew what he was talking about every bit of the way. He then went through the paperwork and made sure that everything was just right. In this day and age of employees “tolerating” their job responsibilities, Ben seemed to not only take them seriously, but even enjoy what he was doing for both me and Ewald Tractor. I have had experience with Lawrence in the past as well and he has always helped my family’s needs with speed and integrity. In fact, because of my experience with Lawrence, I didn’t even shop this purchase, I simply came to your shop and bought what I wanted, knowing full well that if I experience problems that Ewald Tractor will stand behind their product. What a breath of fresh air to deal with a company of this caliber. Not to pat ourselves on the back, but we intensely train our people to be sure that we are delivering a high level of customer service and it is rare that I actually experience it from another company. Bravo. Thank you again for such good service.
Steve Driskill    Kendall County Air  Boerne, Texas


 I had a very complicated diesel problem on my International 354, and they all took the time to explain everything to me so I could understand it. I bought a used tractor and didn’t understand the systems. They explained everything I needed to know and they were very professional and friendly. They brought out a mechanic, a service manager, everything. I know if I ever need anything, as far as service, farm equipment, whatever, I’m going to Ewald. Even John Ewald came down and helped on some things. The bottom line is 100% total satisfaction. I will continue to do business with them forever.   Matt D.


 This week we purchased a Kubota B3300SU tractor package and we would like to express our thoughts on our purchase from your facility. Mr. Randall Herzog was our salesman, and working with him was a great pleasure as he knew his product and he knew what would be best for our needs. Our questions were answered promptly. He took his time to explain the features. He was not pushy, not authoritative, and most of all was not obnoxious. The delivery was made promptly by “Bubba” who took the time to show us how everything worked and had great patience with our never ending questions. The Parts Department was very helpful with our additional purchases. We would highly recommend Ewald Tractor of Seguin to anyone needing parts, new or used as well as tractors, etc. At this time we would like to say that this was our first purchase of a tractor of any kind. We had been to many dealerships of different brands, Ewald met all of our needs. Again, we want to say thank you very much for your assistance  with our purchase of a Kubota Tractor.
Chip Harris and Tracy Klein New Braunfels, Texas

 We purchased our ranch in July, 2007, and had the good fortune of meeting Clayton Lee at Ewald Tractor in Seguin about the same time. Clayton and the Ewald folks have been more like a partner in our ranch operation by advising us on equipment requirements, proper sizing of the equipment for our needs, arranging financing as needed, giving us great maintenance guidance and service and checking in with us on how the equipment was performing. Clayton and the Ewald folks have been a great resource for contacts for all of our ranching needs and have become our go to place for advice and direction. Last, but not least, they have become great friends.
Robert Steelhammer

 I purchased my first Kubota tractor 3 years ago. I’ve since purchased another Kubota M9540 tractor. My father purchased his Kubota about 5 years ago for his stock feeder operation. I saw the service he received, the professionalism of Nick, and I knew I had to deal with Ewald Tractor. I have not had any problems except for a cab window I broke shredding. I called Joey, he set it up with the shop and in no time I was up and running. It is a pleasure doing business with a great company selling a great product.   Bill R. Mueth Jr.   BRM Construction (Owner)

  As a retired General Motors dealer of 40 years, I know how rare it is to have an exceptional employee…I live in Port Aransas and have a small ranch in Fredericksburg, yesterday my little Kubota went on the fritz, first I contacted Lawrence by phone and then brought my tractor into your shop today…..I have never seen better customer service, and more than that, his attitude is pure “can do”…on a rainy afternoon, he made sure I was getting the help I needed, he is truly one of a kind, just wanted to give him a pat on the back…super representative for you firm.     Doug Daniell

  I am plesed to commend Mr.Nick Hudek of Ewald Tractor, Inc. I find Nick to be true to his word and always the first to lend a willing hand with a reaseonable solution and positive attitude, regardless of the situation with an exemplary attitude that reflects his professionalism. His knowledge of the equipment sold and serviced by Ewald Tractor has contributed tremendously to the successful operation of my ranch in Karnes County.     Hector R. Venegas

 My experience with Ewald Tractor and Randal Herzog over the last 10+ years has been a good one. I have always felt that I receive a good product at a good price and have been very satisfied with the equipment and service I have purchased.
Robert Massey

 Herb, Thank you again for such great service you provided in recommending the right tractor for us. This Kubota is night and day difference in higher quality than that older tractor we had. You were absolutely right in discussing that the one of the main considerations should be 4-WD not just horsepower! You know my wife and I spent a great deal of time considering whether or not to continue fighting with that 68HP monster that we had, or go with a new tractor. We are extremely happy with this 45HP tractor. Thanks also for taking time out of your busy weekend to come by and show us more about the tractor. I know most of the time I assume I know the basics, and that is all I need, but your additional assistance shortened our learning curve significantly. Additionally, that quick-connect on the tractor for easy bucket and hay-fork change out is fantastic. I don’t hesitate in switching to the tool that I need, rather than rigging up the bucket with chains. Just wanted to drop you a quick note of thanks again for your service and support. Richard and Liz Trice

 We purchased our property in 2006, and immediately knew we needed the right equipment. I knew Kubota was a quality utility tractor from my younger days working on my grandmother’s farm. Herb Bourquin helped us pick the right equipment for the projects around our place; a L Series 44 hp tractor with frontend loader. Once I got close enough to finishing on the property I needed another toy. I went back to Herb; his advise was critical to my purchase of a RTV900. It will not be my last purchase at Ewald Tractor, and I regularly stop by just for questions, parts or to rent equipment that I wish I could own. Shawn J. Franke

 I want to take this oppportunity to say “Thank You” for all of your help in recommending the M9000 Kubota tractor that I purchased from Ewald Tractor. I have owned many tractors in my career, but the Kubota exceeds the others performance hands down. The shuttle transmission, quick hydraulics and ease of operation are just a few of the reasons why I am so happy that I selected Kubota. My wife Margeret and I run our hay business together and she uses this tractor over any other that we own. I have purchased many piesces of equipment from Nick, such as balers, hay rakes and mowers. He has always been there to demonstrate and explain all of the features on the equipment. I know that I can call him anytime during the week or even on the weekend for assistance and will be there to help. I also want to mention that the Parts and Service Department in Floresville is exceptional and is also part of the reason I continue to come back to Ewald Tractor to purchase my equipment needs. Once again thanks for all of your help and assistance during the many years that I have been doing business with Ewald Tractor. Leo Silva

 Herb, Just wanted to thank you again for everything you’ve done for us, from giving us a short course in Tractors 101 to helping us pick out the right tractor to do the job on our new place. I couldn’t be more satisfied with our recent purchase of an M7040 with the enclosed cab. It’s so nice to be working on the tractor and not sweating to death in the process (dust-free breathing isn’t too bad either). I totally love the Hydraulic Shuttle; it makes driving the tractor a breeze! The Rhino Turbo 96 shredder that we bought with the tractor is Awesome! I’ve cleared new fence lines, a space for our barn, and done tons of road maintenance; as well as, taking care of lots of mesquite trees in our field. It’s funny that whenever we have people come over to see the new house, we get more compliments on the tractor than the house. I honestly believe that we got a heck of a tractor for our money, and I tell everyone how pleased I am with our purchase. Hope to send more business your way…I know a couple people who want a tractor of their own. Thanks again!   Patrick Cleary

 I want to compliment your business. Clayton Lee was my first contact and from the first call, he answered all my questions, guided me, and counseled my purchase decision on the best product to fit my usage. He also took the time to work with my wife which is important. A second sales person whose name I do not recall also worked with me until Clayton returned to the lot. He was just as professional. No feeling of “oh you’re not my sale” which I hate to get with large purchases. Bubba was also one of the people that I had contact with. First time at Boerne (he was delivering a large tractor)he took the time to say hello need any help? His actual delivery to my home was totally professional and he was even concerned about possible ruts on unimproved pasture. Post sale assistance has been just as solid as pre-sale as Clayton was available to answer my simple or complex questions. My tractor has performed as stated and I must say is so much better to use then something green. Your dealership is a Kubota dealership for everyone, Weekend Farmer, or Everyday Farmer. I think your dealership is a “Texas Kubota Professional”.     Your Happy Customer,  Mark Hubbard

 There is a reason we have been doing business with Ewald Tractor in Floresville, TX for more than 20 years. Good products, experienced Sales Team /Service department and good old fashion “Customer Service”. When you walk into Ewald tractor you are greeted like a good neighbor. When we are in need of a Tractor, implement, or lawn equipment, Nick Hudek in Sales is the first person we would call. His honest advice and good pricing has kept us coming back over the years. We always use the Service Department for our maintenance and repairs. Raymond and Keith make sure things are repaired right the first time. Joey and Terry are great to call on if we need a part or need some advice on parts availability. It’s a pleasure doing business with a Company that has employees that put their customers first.
Buddy Tumlinson and Joanie Bonham Tumlinson-Bonham Ranch LLC

 I am so happy with my new RTV500. I bought it to help with ranch chores, hauling hay and feed, and getting me through the mud to the pasture. Plus it’s fun to drive! I was pleased with the courteous service I received at Ewald in Boerne. Herb has been very helpful and always provides clear answers to my questions. I have recommended the RTV500 to several people. We are so glad we bought it. Barbara Welch

 Randall, Thanks for all your help and all the information you provided on the Kubota tractors. The Kubota M108 tractor was delivered that week and after using it between rains 2 to 3 days, I am very satisfied. This is my 2nd tractor purchase in addition to my round baler, disc mower, and 10′ BushHog shredder, all from Ewald. As in the past I feel you have always been fair, professional, and most importantly honest. As with anything mechanical whether it is new or used, there are always going to be service issues. We have always worked through these in the past and will continue to do so in the future. I’ve yet to meet your Service Manager Bryan but look forward to working with him. Bubba on the pickup and delivery truck has always been on time and very helpfull. Once again just a short note to say thanks and look forward to a prosperous future with you guys. Tommy Mocyzgemba